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Baby + Family Advice

Planning for a baby or welcoming a new little one into the world is an exciting time, and can also be a daunting one. We understand the importance of having expert advice and how much support is needed during this stage of life. The Community Health Centre in Rockhampton offers Maternal and Child Health Services every Friday. 


General health info, guidance + advice

We provide professional advice and medications for common issues, plus family planning advice, pregnancy testing and contraception. 

Provide immunisation advice

We can help with all your immunisation questions and provide detailed information.

Perform regular assessments

We can assist with the monitoring of your baby's weight, height and other measurements.

Provide specialist referrals

If you require further assistance, our pharmacist can provide you with a referral to specialist practitioners. 

Supply quality baby products

We have a great range of baby formulas, sensitive skin care products and much more.

Deliver post-natal care

Ongoing support for mothers after birth is important to us and we want to guide you through this stage.

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