Blood Glucose Check

It can be difficult to navigate the decisions and processes of diabetes management on your own. Here at AFS, we provide the necessary support, advice and programs that can assist with your daily management, and reduce risk of further illness.

How we can help...

Regular checking and recording your blood glucose levels can help identify any necessary changes in how your diabetes is being managed.


Aside from checking your glucose levels, we can provide advice on what lifestyle changes you may need to make, what treatment options are available and assist with dosage administration. We understand the importance of a balanced management plan and strict strict dosage schedule for medication. We can help you implement a schedule and provide the ongoing support to counsel and assist with challenges that may arise.

What is my first step? 

Come and speak with us. We can arrange a time to discuss your health history, any pre-existing conditions, your diet and lifestyle. We will conduct a check of your blood glucose levels to either gauge your current diabetic condition or to identify whether a pre-diabetic condition may be evident, before providing you with the necessary guidance and advice.


You can be rest assured that our friendly pharmacists will provide you with the right plan for you and the ongoing support that you require.


arrange your blood glucose check

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