Flu Vaccinations

Beat the flu season and get your vaccinations early at AFS Friendly Pharmacy. By having the flu vaccination, you can protect yourself against infection by influenza viruses. This vaccination is particularly important for children, the elderly or those in close and regular contact with children, elderly or sick people. 


Contracting an influenza virus can be very serious for anyone but especially young children and the elderly. With the flu season seemingly getting longer and more severe each year, we encourage everyone to spare a couple of minutes to get their flu vaccination each year. By doing this, we can hopefully reduce the increasingly large number of people affected by influenza each year. 

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Quick + convenient at your local pharmacy
Administered by a trusted pharmacist
Available at 4 locations across CQ
Only $24.95 when administered in-store

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Why is it important to have the flu vaccine?

The most effective way of preventing and stopping the spread of the flu is through vaccination.


By having a flu vaccination annually, you will protect you and those around you who may have an increased risk of flu related complications from contracting influenza. Vaccinating against the flu will help reduce the chance of you incurring more serious outcomes like hospitalisation and death. 

Who can have the flu shot + how much is it?

Anyone between the ages of 10 and 64 can receive the flu vaccine at their local AFS Friendly Pharmacy for only $24.95. The vaccine will be administered in-store by one of our trusted pharmacists, with appointments taking only a few minutes. Alternatively, we can fill a script obtained from your doctor for $19.95.


People over the age of 65 can receive the vaccination free of charge under the Government's National Immunisation Program, however they will need to visit a medical centre in order to do so.

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