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Medication Management

Sometimes managing your medication can be a difficult task. Here at AFS Friendly Pharmacy we are here to help you understand and manage your medications. We'll make sure you have all the right information and support you need to take your prescribed medications safely.

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Scripts on File

Here at AFS Friendly Pharmacy we keep all of your scripts on file so you can manage and order repeats easily. If you need to have a repeat script filled, you can simply give us a call and we will have it filled and ready for you by the time you come into store. 

Script Delivery

We understand that sometimes making a trip to the pharmacy can be very difficult, especially if you are housebound or living a busy lifestyle. Here at AFS Friendly Pharmacy we make the process of having your repeat scripts filled easy with our script delivery service. All you need to do is call your local pharmacist and we will arrange for the script to be filled and your medication to be delivered to your door. AFS Friendly Pharmacy members are entitled to one free delivery per week while non-members are able to access this service for a small fee.


At AFS Friendly Pharmacy we offer a complimentary medscheck service of both your prescribed and non-prescribed medication. We will review all of your medication and provide you with information about each medication including what they are for, the possible side effects, how they interact with other medications and how you can fit your treatment around your lifestyle. 

Dose Administration Aids

Sometimes your medication list can be overwhelming and remembering when you need to take each one can be difficult. We have a range of different dose administration aids to make this process easier for you. 

At AFS Friendly Pharmacy we also offer a personally prepared, safe and easy-to-use medication pack service. This service is only $5 per week and all members are entitled to one free weekly delivery. Additional deliveries or delivery for non-members can be arranged for a small fee. Head in to your local pharmacy today to enquiry about this service. 

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