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Our History

Our history spans back to a time that is almost synonymous with the establishment of Rockhampton. Initiated by the Associate Friendly Societies, our pharmacies have been in operation since 1894. The first dispensary was located opposite St Paul's Cathedral until it later moved to East Street in 1927, boasting as being one of the 'most modern dispensaries in the State', and a true testament to the collaborative work of the Friendly Society movement that sought to provide the best healthcare to the community. As a membership-based initiative, the success and continuation was a tribute to the commitment of members in conjunction with the Friendly Societies. 

Throughout the years in our expansion, we have sought to continue the ethos of how these dispensaries began, by providing community-focused, affordable, quality healthcare and our loyalty membership program. You can even see some of the historical dispensary equipment displayed in some of our pharmacies today.

The AFS Friendly Pharmacy now includes four stores, located in Rockhampton City, Berserker, Frenchville and Wandal, and is a proud part of the CQ Friendly Society Pty Ltd family which includes Regional Health and Mobility, Daniel's Surgical and Health Equipment and CQ Mobility. Together, we remain committed to promoting holistic wellbeing and healthy lifestyles for Rockhampton and the wider Central Queensland community. We're owned by the community, for the benefit of the community. 

the Friendlies ethos

Affordable, quality healthcare
Expert health
Care in sickness and in health
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